How to Get Started in 6 Steps

  1. The platform chosen to work on the transcriptions collaboratively is Transkribus.
    If you do not have a Transkribus account yet, please register HERE.
    After the registration, you can download Transkribus free software or use the browser version, Transkribus Lite.

  2. In order to view Bartoli’s letters and newsletters in Transkribus, you need to be added to the collection. Please, complete the form below or send an email to:, specifying the email address with which you registered on Transkribus.
  1. Wait for the confirmation email that you have been added to the “Cosimo’s Cosmos: Cosimo Bartoli and Renaissance News” collection. You will be added to the collection as soon as possible.

  2. Open Transkribus on your computer or access Transkribus Lite, the browser version, and choose the “Cosimo’s Cosmos” collection.

  3. Sign up for a image at THIS LINK.
    Write your name and email in the Transcriber column next to the image you would like to correct and tag. Change the Status in “In Progress” once you have started and “Complete” once you have finished.

  4. Within Transkribus, select the volume and the page you want to work on. Now you can start reading and correcting the document.
    If you are using Transkribus Lite, click on the Pen Icon in the upper right corner to open the document editor and edit the transcription. We suggest using the Legacy editor (you can select it by clicking the “Advanced” button at the right of the green “Save” button): it is more straightforward to navigate the text, edit it and add the tags.

Before correcting the transcriptions and tagging the text,
read the instructions or watch the video
at the HOW TO CORRECT AND TAG page (at least the first time).

Since it is a collaborative project and aims to create a digital edition and produce academic knowledge,
it is important to be consistent and that all the participants follow the same transcription conventions.